Huawei and MainPort release a new videoconferencing solution during ISE Amsterdam

Written by MainPort

3D-scans available worldwide for medical specialists 
After X-rays and scans, a third revolutionary technique has entered the medical world to explore the human body: the 3D scan. New software makes it possible to accurately view bones, organs, blood vessels and muscles with an impeccable attention to detail. In the meantime, a new innovation announces itself. “With the newest video conferencing systems – and that is a real scoop – these 3D images are from now on available online for medical specialists, worldwide”, Cor Zelissen says, CEO of MainPort, which have two locations in the Netherlands.

In February, MainPort will release, in a co-production with multinational Huawei and developer PS Medtech, the so-called ‘3D video collaboration suite’. This will happen during the ISE in RAI Amsterdam, the world’s fastest-growing and most-attended exhibition for professional AV and electronic systems.

The product ‘3D video collaboration suite’, applied on Huawei technology, enables medical specialists to work in a multidisciplinary way, regardless the time and anywhere in the world. The privacy of the patient is secured one hundred per cent, MainPort highlight. “The patient’s data never leave the hospital, once a patient is under treatment.”

Two companies, one exhibition standGlobal player Huawei, that supply the 3G and 4G network of the Dutch providers KPN and T-Mobile, share their exhibition stand with MainPort, during the ISE (Amsterdam RAI, 9-12 February 2016). On stand 9-C116, the “3D video collaboration suite” will be presented to the European market. Cor Zelissen (MainPort): “The expectations regarding the ‘3D video collaboration suite’ are high. We are already receiving a lot of positive reactions from the medical world.”

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