Official kick-off Church Television parish group Susteren

Written by MainPort
In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility MainPort has developed a service called ChurchTV. This features Sunday’s holy mass in the parish church of Nieuwstadt which can be watched live or watched afterwards. On the basis of ChurchTV elderly and people with mobility problems still can watch the holy mass. The goal in the first instance is to remain the involvement of ill people and elderly at the parish activities. Due to the arrival of optical fiber in the community Echt-Susteren more possibilities came to use support services in the healthcare sector. Next to elderly en ill people ChurchTV can also be used by schools, emigrants and winterguests. How? Everyone with internet access and a Smart TV, laptop, tablet can watch the broadcasting. Every Sunday morning since 11:00 am a holy mass can be watched on the following YouTube Channel: ktvclustersusteren. The holy mass can be watched live of watched afterwards. Please contact the church government or Susteren’s parish group committee if you have any questions ! It’s very important that feedback takes place if something does not operate well.